• pens and brushes

i ship the ketubah to you in a tube & box.
if you come to my studio to pick up the ketubah i will pack it for you in a tube or give it to you flat in a cardboard envelope.

click here to download following instructions for day of the wedding

pen: sakura pigma micron black 01 or any other archival pen of your choice

check the ketubah to make sure that everything is as you want it. Then, keep the ketubah in the tube until you reach your destination if you are traveling, otherwise…

take the ketubah out of the tube and lay face down on the paper it was rolled in and let it relax flat. you can lay some books on it to help it along.

protect the ketubah when displaying at the wedding: get a piece of thin foamcore, which you can buy at any art supply store, and cut it a little bigger than the ketubah, which is about 18” x 24” for most prints, check what size i told you your ketubah is. use photo corners in each corner of the ketubah to mount to the foamcore.

then cut a piece of thin clear plastic, to the same size as the foamcore, lay over the foamcore and using clear tape, tape along the top like a hinge. This will protect the ketubah at the reception and allow you to sign it by lifting the plastic. after signing, tape along the bottom as well.

display at the wedding: ask the caterer for an easel, many people put it where the place cards are so everyone can see it but it’s out of the way.

frame using archival backing materials and UV protective glass or plexi, do not dry mount, hang in your home and enjoy the ketubah for the rest of your life.