• ”StephanieCaplan,

to order a custom ketubah

original ketubot range from $1500 to $4000
please contact me directly at steph@theketubah.com or 212 477 3840
to discuss timing, pricing and variations of design or to make an appointment to come to my studio.

availability: i am currently taking orders for originals for weddings in june 2017 & forward. prints are always available.

to order a print

fill out the order form in its entirety and email it back to me.
this means that you are sending me the form to personalize the ketubah first, then i’ll send you an invoice, and you can send me a check.

please do this if you want to add a quote, do a custom text, or other additions that will mean custom printing & add to the cost.

bride & groom, click here to download the order form.

groom & groom, click here.
bride & bride, click here.
non-jewish couples or for english text only, click here.

email it to steph@theketubah.com or fax it to 212 253 0156.
I will email you an invoice once I receive the order form.


you can click here to order directly online
this means that you are purchasing the ketubah first and then will download and send me the order form to personalize it.

please plan on  4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  however, if your schedule is tight, rush orders can be arranged.


$250 for just text prints
$350 for all others

$75 for personalization, which means writing in all your individual information by hand in the same calligraphy that is on the print.

$75 for 23 ct. gold leaf accents that can be added to some of the designs

$600 & up for a completely custom text  in addition to the price of the ketubah.
custom texts take a bit more time. please contact me before placing your order.

$25 & up for additional changes that would require custom printing. ie. more than 6 signature lines total, adding a quote, etc.

please apply the following rush fees if you need your ketubah in fewer than 4 to 6 weeks:
+$25 within 3 weeks
+$50 within 2 weeks
+$75 within 1.5 weeks
+$100 within 1 week



shipping within the US $25
shipping to canada $50
rushed shipping is $40 & up