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what is a ketubah?

a ketubah is a jewish marriage contract, also a work of art that represents a couple’s love for and commitment to each other. it is signed at the wedding, then framed and hung in the home, to see every day to remind a couple of their love for each other.

there are many text options, just as there are many ways of practicing judaism, and even more designs. a ketubah can look like anything you want, whatever reflects your vision of your love and your style.

traditionally the ketubah is a legal contract written in aramaic, outlining a husband’s obligations to his wife, safeguarding her from arbitrary divorce and providing for her should the marriage somehow be dissolved. this is now the traditional or orthodox text.

now the ketubah is even being embraced by non jewish couples, just as the chuppah has been, as it is a beautiful way to symbolize a couple’s love and devotion to each other.

the ketubah, or jewish wedding contract, has always been one of the main opportunities for jewish artistic expression.
my ketubot take the artform into the 21st century, while my passion for hand lettering and calligraphy keeps them rooted in tradition.

my ketubot are available either as archival limited edition prints or as one-of-a-kind original commissions that we design together.

here you will find a ketubah for everyone: traditional, interfaith, alternative, same-sex, even non-jewish couples with ketubah envy!


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