custom ketubah

PRICe range $1500 - $4000

AVAILABILITY: Custom ketubot for weddings in October 2019 & forward. Prints are always available.

celestial rings detail.jpg
gold band.jpg

See a design here that you like? We can use it as is, or as a basis for your custom ketubah, change the colors or design elements and make it entirely yours. Pricing for custom ketubot are based on TEXT and DESIGN. The more of each, the higher the price.

spring vines detail.jpg

Love the look of gold leaf? Your custom ketubah can incorporate it anywhere.

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momoyama all leaves.jpg

All custom designs are just that – custom – and anything can be created as you’d like it. Change the colors, the shape, have more or less of the design.

text on text.jpg

For many, many more custom designs and inspirations, please see my Instagram.

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Things to think about when planning a custom ketubah are the shape of the paper & the text, the colors, & the overall style. To get the most accurate estimate, please contact me with an idea about TEXT & DESIGN.

vienna secessionist detail2.JPG

Love the look of gold leaf? We can use a little or a lot in your custom ketubah.

rings grey gold beloved detail.jpeg
sumi _ gold detail.jpeg

Want to incorporate your wedding colors? Let’s figure out how it might translate to your custom ketubah.

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Tell me more about your wedding and we can work together to create the perfect ketubah for you.

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